Heating & Air 101

Heating Your Home Could Burn Money This Winter.

At AirTekk Comfort Solutions, we care about our customers. Every year we see families leave their cozy homes in the morning, only to come back to freezing indoor temperatures and non-working heating systems. This can be very costly- especially when proper maintenance and observation can prevent it from happening.

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Upgrade Your HVAC to Save Money This Summer

The following report highlights why upgrading to high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment can save your home or business in energy costs over time. Data from the 2015 Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) show that the majority of American households use...

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Why Purchase a Tankless Water Heater?

Many busy households are choosing to install tankless water heaters. Why is that? Well you can start a load of laundry, crank up the dishwasher, bathe the kids and even the dog without ever running out of hot water. That is because tankless water heaters heat the water when and as you use it. And with efficiency ratings of up to 94%, you will also save on energy costs.

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