FREE Wi-Fi Thermostat with 16 SEER Installation

For a limited time, when we install a premier 16 SEER  cooling system for you we will install a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat at no charge.

Not only will you have the most-efficient cooling system available but you will be able to manage your system from the convenience of your smartphone anywhere you are.

Managing your heating and cooling system remotely lets you enjoy not only lower utility bills but more comfort by making sure your home or office is adjusted to the just the right temperature  when you first arrive. No longer do you have to worry about remembering to set the thermostat before you leave, you can even change it when your schedule changes.  Working late?  Don’t worry you can delay heating or cooling your space until right before you actually plan on arriving home. If mother nature has a fickle moment you can adjust the temperature to best suit the circumstances before you even get home.