High Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems

high-efficiency air conditioning and heating systems

High-Efficiency Conventional & Heat Pump Systems

When you are looking at installing a new air conditioning system or replacing an older system you are fortunate that high-efficiency units are now available to help you save money while keeping your home or business comfortable.

Advances in heating and cooling systems technology mean that we can install air-handling systems that are the most efficient available on the market.

Whether you are looking at conventional central heating and air conditioning systems or heat pumps we have a wide selection of units to meet your needs.

Duct-Free Mini-Split System

Duct-free mini-split systems essentially eliminate energy losses that occurs when using ductwork used in conventional central systems. In general, duct losses may account for as much as 30% of energy consumption.

  • Room additions – a practical and economical solution compared to upgrading existing systems.
  • Apartments, condominiums, and townhouses –an ideal solution compared to the hassle, noise, obstructed view, and other issues associated with typical window units.
  • Older houses where ducts are not available – a customer-pleasing solution to add air-conditioning without the need for extensive construction or altering of interior spaces.
Duct-free mini-split airconditioning systems