What are UV lights and do I really need them for my HVAC unit? I like a clean house, I don’t want to get sick, and overall want to be healthy.

Rheem Pro Partner Chase Givens tells us, “For a new homeowner a good tip would be that they are now coming out with these new UV lights. They are ultraviolet UV lights and are placed in the duct work and actually wired into the furnace. The lights are low-voltage and when the light is on it zaps bacteria, mold, and micro organisms that are in the system. It keeps them from getting into your home and filters.  Cleaning these are a rule of thumb, so make sure you clean those once a month. This will help improve your indoor air quality.

I change my filter out in my home and makes a huge difference.  I am probably going to place a UV light in my system to improve my air-quality.

You don’t like to be sick do you? Well, these indoor UV lights can help improve your air-quality and allow less trips to the doctor.”

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